Piano Lessons in Watertown CT

Watertown Piano Teacher

Watertown Piano Teacher Thomas Mazuroski has only  three openings remaining in his Watertown fall schedule. I am enjoying all my newer students which include four new adults  and three children. I have watched an amazing piano performance by one of my favorite pianists Maurizio Pollini. Its called Pollini at 70 performing the Brahms 1st Piano Concerto in Dresden Germany and can be viewed on You Tube.  I am also seeing a performance this week with Leon Fleischer at the Horowitz Piano Series at Yale University. I recently saw the New Haven Symphony perform a diverse program which included Ives, Walton, Barber and Vaughn Williams. William Boughton the NHS Music Director has transformed the orchestra in to, in my opinion the best orchestra in Connecticut and one of the best on the East Coast. I will also be seeing in a lighter mood The Bill Charlap  jazz trio in a few weeks. Happy Holidays to all.

New book recommendation: KILLING JESUS by BILL O’REILLY

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