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2015 is upon us and Happy New Year to all

I enjoyed three wonderful concerts this fall. The pianists Richard Goode and Peter Serkin at the Horowitz Series at the Yale School of Music and a wonderful performance of the Messiah with the New Haven Symphony.    Recital preparation will begin soon for all students as June is only six months away. I currently have three openings available for the winter schedule.

Call today for more information.

Thank You  Latest book recommendation:   George Frederick Handel by Ellen T. Harris

Our annual recital

Summer is slowly coming to its end. Our annual recital in June was a great success,with over 85 people in attendance. My summer students are making great strides in their studies without the distractions of school.  I will be attending a master class on August 7th with Jazz great Marcus Roberts who was recently featured on CBS’S 60 minutes with Wynton Marsalis. The origins of Jazz is the topic and it should be a great class.  I have a limited number of teaching spaces left for the fall, perhaps 3 or 4 spaces, so call or contact me if interested.

Latest Book Recommendation: Clouds of Glory * The Life and Legend of ROBERT E. LEE by Michael Korda.

Annual piano recital 10 weeks away

Watertown Piano Teacher Thomas Mazuroski is busy preparing his piano students for their annual Piano Musicale held on June 14th at the Taft School in Watertown,Ct. All piano students will be performing three compositions from the Baroque,Classical and Romantic periods in addition to popular compositions. Mr. Mazuroski has attended some wonderful concerts in the past two months from the Kings Singers, Pianist Pascal Rouge, New Haven Symphony and the Russian Ballet at the Schubert Theatre.

Latest book recommendation: Haydn A Creative Life in Music by Karl Geiringer

Final recital preparation underway by piano students of Thomas Mazuroski

Final recital preparation underway by piano students of Thomas Mazuroski —– two weeks to go until our annual piano musicale held in Watertown, CT. it’s important for all piano students to learn how to make their pieces performance ready and to participate in a recital or piano musicale as we call it. if a child studies any of the other instruments whether it be from the string, percussion, woodwind or brass families he or she normally has a chance to participate in either a youth symphony, marching band or choir. The piano because of its size, complexity and power does not for either beginning or advanced students unless it is a full length recital afford them much of any opportunity to perform, thus the reason for the musicale. The music of Bach, Mozart, Chopin, Debussy, Rodgers and Hammerstein, Billy Joel and Gershwin will be performed. An additional adult recital will be held at my home during the middle of June. Latest book recommendation—-Tchaikovsky by Anthony Holden.